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    Forty-four years in the making, The American Ireland Fund is now a truly global affair, promoting culture, peace, community, and more across Ireland and elsewhere around the world. The future of The American Ireland Fund rests in no small part in its Young Leaders Society. A celebrated entrepreneur and philanthropist, The American Ireland Fund is just one of a number of incredible charities, organizations, and initiatives supported by New York-based Kevin Mulleady.

    “Paving the way for new generations, The American Ireland Fund’s Young Leaders Society cultivates an emergence of future philanthropists, while also providing a networking forum and a genuine, heartfelt connection with Ireland and other global initiatives,” explains Dublin-born Kevin Mulleady, speaking from his office in New York City.

    Hosting vibrant events around the world, The American Ireland Fund’s members, such as Kevin Mulleady, are an invaluable fundraising source for the crucial work of the organization.

    The American Ireland Fund operates across much of the U.S., including in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Texas. The organization, Kevin Mulleady goes on to point out, also boasts operations in Australia, Great Britain, Singapore, and elsewhere around the globe.

    Founded in 1976, The American Ireland Fund was established to promote and support culture, education, peace, and community development throughout Kevin Mulleady‘s native country of Ireland. The American Ireland Fund further supports other causes around the world. “For more than four decades, The American Ireland Fund has provided the Irish American community and friends of Ireland with an incredible opportunity to support the work of the fund and fellow members on a local, national, and international level,” adds Kevin Mulleady.

    Now with chapters in a total of 12 countries, The American Ireland Fund has, according to serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Kevin Mulleady, raised more than $600 million for thoroughly deserving causes in Ireland, the United States, and beyond. This fund, he says, has thus far benefited over 3,200 different organizations across the globe.

    “The American Ireland Fund’s mission is to harness the power of a truly international philanthropic network of friends of Ireland from around the world,” Mulleady explains. The American Ireland Fund regularly holds events and activities across the United States.

    By partnering with individuals such as Kevin Mulleady, plus existing charitable foundations, national and international corporations, and more, The American Ireland Fund forms a truly thriving network and one that regularly and generously gives back to Ireland in a wholly meaningful and long-lasting manner.

    The American Ireland Fund is just one of a number of incredible charities and organizations backed by Kevin Mulleady.

    “Alongside a number of other crucial charities that I’m incredibly proud to support, I’m immensely passionate about the work of The American Ireland Fund,” adds the entrepreneur and philanthropist, wrapping up, “and, in particular, the vital and ongoing work of the organization’s wonderful Young Leaders Society in securing the fund’s future for years to come.”

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